Why I use Brasilian Tan - Customer stories

We have gathered a few customers stories who use Brasilian Tan to share with you. 

“I absolutely love Brasilian Tan. It’s the one thing I wont leave the house without putting on. It works for every occasion, be it for an every day look, photo shoot or night out . It leaves my skin soft, tanned and smelling of holidays. “ Lydia Rees – professional fitness athlete and personal trainer.

“Brasilian Tan is the best tanning lotion that I have ever used. It smells amazing and dries really quick! I would definitely recommend it.” Michelle Marshall - housewife and mother of three.

“As long lasting, easy to apply, moisturizing self tanning product which dries super fast! Do I need to say more” Davor Brjdanovic – professional fitness athlete, model and personal trainer.

“I think Brasilian Tan is the best tanning lotion I have ever tried because its so easy to apply. I love the color and the scent really reminds me of the beach. To top it all off it only takes one minute for it to dry”
Hildur Karen – Miss Iceland, 2nd place and law student. 

“Life is better with a tan. Get the holiday look with this tan in a bottle! Brasilian Tan is fab and I will definitely be purchasing it again!” Tara Maynard – housewife and mother of two 

“This product makes self tanning easy. It is streak free, quick drying and it smells good too! It gives an instant tan which develops into a golden tan. I will be purchasing it again!” Jo Pilkington -  housewife and mother of two.

"I love using Brasilian Tan for special occasions. I always get comments when wearing it as it’s such a natural tanned color. It is also a great moisturizer for my face and body.” Amanda Williams – photographer

“I have used Brasilian Tan for many years. It is very much a part of my weekly routine to put at least one layer because I really like it’s naturally dark color. If there is a special occasion, such as a photo shoot, I usually put on two layers in the same day in a row to get a bit darker tan. The thing I think really sets Brasilian Tan apart from many other tan lotion brands that I’ve tried is that when it starts wearing off it does not leave lines, it just gradually disappears. I highly recommend it for everybody that craves a fresh, natural looking tan.”
Heidi Ola – Professional Bikini athlete and personal trainer.

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